lara lucas

design director

miguel maia louro

technical director

With a combined experience of more than 40 years, Lara Lucas and Miguel Maia Louro have developed a privileged partnership that focuses on growing each of their individual strengths as well as those of their associates to ensure that each project untaken results in a successful outcome. Through our design, we are committed to enriching the lives of people by creating built environments and interior spaces moulded by conceptual innovation, attention to detail, technical excellence, appropriate functionality, social and environment awareness.

We believe we have a responsibility to ensure that each of our projects enrich those who experience them and their surroundings culturally, economically and socially. With a trust based collaborative approach between our clients and interdisciplinary consultants, we nurture our professional relationships but remain fluid and in so doing, encourage creativity, evolution, development and maturation.

We are committed to our design but promote research and discovery to allow it to flourish. Through this, we aim to create buildings and interiors that excite both the senses and the intellect.

With Lara overseeing the Design related aspects of all our projects and associated teams, which include Concepts, Planning and Presentations, Miguel focuses on the overall Design Development, Technical detailing and specifications, carried out by our production team. Whether during the Conceptual phases or through the Detailed Design, Quality Control and Assurance is an integral part of any project we undertake and to this extent we have all of the appropriate systems and checks in place which guide our processes and ensure that all our designs meet the highest and best practice standards, both locally and internationally.