As a result of the increased local and international air traffic to the city of Cape Town, the airports company of South Africa initiated a redevelopment programme for the existing airport precinct.
This included a new central processing terminal capable of handing both international and domestic departures and arrivals which would then connect to each of the new terminals.
In addition to this, the masterplan called for new multistorey parkades which would support the increased traffic. The design team was commissioned to erect a multistorey parkade (MSP1) with 2000 parking bays. The project was part of a seven year upgrade of the airport precinct, presumably as part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup infrastructure upgrade. A second multi-storey parkade (MSP2), with the capacity of housing up to 4500 parking bays, was part of the second phase of the development. The design of the multi-storey parkades captured the spirit of aero-dynamic design influences derived from the airplanes taking off. Wing-like roof design, aero foil façade screen elements and innovative interiors, have been chosen to articulate a pleasing architectural aesthetic in the harsh airport environment.