The new Piazza District was designed in such a manner that it integrates seamlessly into the existing Melrose Arch Development in Johannesburg.
A new public element was created in the form of a Piazza which provides an additional pedestrian route and by doing so has allowed for a natural link between the existing square and the remainder of the Development which reinvigorates the 2 existing nodes.
The Melrose Piazza adds retail, office and leisure components to the existing facilities of this trendy mixed use Development which forms a truly integrated urban experience with the adjacent residential areas. The multiple high street shopping routes intersect at the new permeable Galleria which forms, in itself, a convenient pedestrian route lined with retail that leads back towards the Piazza. Focused on open air retail and natural light, the precinct adheres to sound retail principles in terms of access and the placement of various anchor stores. The new Galleria is partially roofed with a glass canopy to protect from the rain but allow for the natural flow of air. In line with traditional high street shopping principles, and the current Melrose Arch philosophy, retail deliveries are from the pavement edge.

project undertaken in the capacity of senior architect at dhk architects