The project site is located in the Ain El Aouda suburb of Rabat and consists of 140 hectares of land that is characterized by the numerous hills and hillocks that are typical in this region. The premise for this mountain retreat was to create a network of paths designed as journey through which one will find tranquility and relaxation, as such the architecture of the buildings was carefully prepared to ensure minimal impact to the natural surroundings while ensuring that each component has a sense of place. The project entails includes the design of a Main Villa located atop one of the many hills while ensuring prime views over a water body in the distance and the adjacent valleys. In addition to this, a secluded second Villa is proposed to accommodate Family and guests while maximizing privacy. In addition to this, there is a main gate with a service block adjacent to respond to the operational requirements of the property.
From an aesthetic perspective, the design selected for this project and each of its components was to create a traditional Moroccan Riad – from Arabic – which translates to a house which is designed around an Andalusian styled courtyard. This was achieved through the provision of multiple clusters that define this premise yet interpreted with a contemporary touch.

project undertaken in the capacity of senior architect at dsa architects