Gathering inspiration from the abundant radical art, fashion, film and music scenes of this period, generating new ideas and creating a youth phenomenon that strongly emphasized the new and the modern, a time of optimism and hedonism, a rebellion against the artistic and social norms, creating an explosive cultural revolution.
The design concept reconsidered the standard hotel guestroom configuration which results in a revolutionary guest experience through a contemporary interpretation of the sixties counterculture that questioned the political, social and moral values of the time.
The space provided is divided diagonally resulting in two primary asymmetric volumes which are then further divided via a series of overlapping vertical and horizontal planes shaped to facilitate their function. The detailing of these planes is intentionally simple to ensure the space remains uncluttered, a quality that is further supported by the selection of finishes. The result is a series of clean formed visually linked inter-leading areas, each with its own easily recognizable identity and function.
Although the layout is designed to feel unrestricted, selected areas are highlighted through the use of vibrant colour reminiscent of the media and symbolism of the sixties. These include a large kaleidoscopic mural, the psychedelic artwork derived from the experience of altered consciousness having been modernized into algorithmic art.
The design, the functionality and the experience of the room are complimented harnessing today’s new media and technologies, with fully integrated in-room operating systems all controlled from the guest’s smart phone. The aim is to create a living environment that exudes ease-of-use and exceeds the expectations of today’s discerning guest.

project undertaken in the capacity of director at infinite architects