The project consists of a partial demolition, refurbishment and extensive preservation of two important historic buildings (The Old Reserve Bank building and the Temple Chambers building) and the construction of infill elements and a contemporary tower element to accommodate 167 keys.
As much as possible of the two historic buildings has been retained and carefully restored and will house the grand public spaces of the hotel, while the contemporary interventions on the site, taking the form of an infill building on St George’s Mall and the new tower that rises out of the centre of the city block, will house the back of house spaces and the hotel rooms.
The challenge has been to celebrate the old and the new equally, creating a synthesis between the historic fabric and the contemporary interventions on the site.
This has been done by creating buildings that maintain and echo the architecture of delicacy and elegance and the beautiful craftsmanship embodied in the historic buildings, while speaking of the purpose of the buildings as a “place” for people.

project undertaken in the capacity of senior architect at dhk architects