At the image of the Symbolic “Old City”, the Eighth Gate Development is a landmark destination within the Levant region inspired by iconic architecture and highest international standards.
The development comprises of commercial, offices, residential units, a retail mall and hotel/serviced apartment accommodation. Strategically located in Yafour, just 20 minutes from downtown Damascus, Yafour represents the high-end residential development precinct within Greater Damascus.
The Eighth Gate Development builds upon the history of Damascus in its architectural style and spaces which pay homage to the city’s ancient roots. The development retains the best of the past in a contemporary world class luxurious context.
The Commercial Centre on the main entrance axis, leads into a classical plaza. This plaza is defined by the mall with F&B activities on the north side, the plots H1 & H2 on the southern side and the landmark 30 story building on the west.
The Waterfront Precinct is characterized by a blend of low-rise residential apartments, high street shopping and dining landscape, terminating on a circular plaza with a stage in a water feature for events and street activities.
The Financial District with the prestigious stock exchange building creates a business hub.
The Recreational District comprises of commercial spaces with medical facilities, parks and playgrounds.

project undertaken in the capacity of senior architect at dsa architects